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Ángel Gurría reelected secretary general of OECD

Frank Fukuyama to lead FSI's Center on Democracy, Development, and the Rule of Law at Stanford

Teodoro Petkoff wins Ortega y Gasset Award

Former president of Chile Sebastián Piñera joins the Dialogue.

Donna Shalala to lead the Clinton Foundation

Bernie Aronson will serve as the new US Special Envoy for the Colombian Peace Process

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After much debate in Congress, the U.S. is set to proceed with final stages of the Trans-Pacific Partnership (TPP) negotiations during a ministerial meeting in Hawaii at the end of this month. In the meantime, China is pursuing its own trade agenda – the Regional Comprehensive Economic Partnership (RCEP). Will these parallel efforts be promoting of greater integration or of disintegration in the Asia-Pacific region?

Our new report by Adrian H. Hearn, Australian Research Council fellow at the University of Melbourne, and Margaret Myers, the Dialogue’s China and Latin America program director, examines the competitive tensions and cooperative opportunities underpinned by U.S. and Chinese visions of regional governance.

Click here for more on China and trade, including our recent assessments of Chinese agricultural interests in Latin America and Latin America’s role in global food trade.



China's Agricultural Investment in Latin America

June 2015| Margaret Myers and Guo Jie
China's growing demand for agricultural commodities has motivated new thinking in the Chinese government about overseas agricultural investment. Increasingly, Chinese companies are looking to invest not in land, necessarily, but across the agricultural supply chain, in production, processing, logistics, and marketing. MORE

A Conversation with Joaquín Villalobos

June 26, 2015| Diego Recinos
Villalobos, a leader of the Farabundo Martí National Liberation Front (FMLN) during El Salvador’s civil war in the 1980s and an Inter-American Dialogue member who recently pursued graduate studies at Oxford University, shared his thoughts and insights on a variety of pressing regional issues. MORE

Good Neighbors Again?

June 25, 2015| Hillary Higgins
Is the US relationship with Latin America characterized by progress or decline? The Inter-American Dialogue convened members from the policy and diplomatic community to discuss a recent Brookings Institution policy brief “Better Than You Think: Reframing Inter-American Relations” and to assess the current nature, strength and outlook of Inter-American affairs. MORE

Energy Reform: Bridging the Skills Gap

June 2015| Rebecca O'Connor and Lisa Viscidi
Lack of adequate skills is becoming a bottleneck for growth in technologically complex industries. In Mexico, the energy reform creates opportunities to generate new jobs and educate and train workers in specialized skill sets, but the country will also face challenges in meeting additional demand for skilled labor. MORE

A New Phase in China-Latin America Relations?

June 16, 2015| Margaret Myers
Is China’s recent slew of headline-grabbing deals indicative of a new phase in China-LAC economic relations? What can Latin America realistically expect from China in terms of trade, investment, and finance in the coming years? Is the relationship an increasingly balanced one?  MORE

Chile On Trial

June 12, 2015| Ben Raderstorf
As a result, the Penta and Caval corruption scandals that have rocked both the governing party of Michelle Bachelet and the opposition UDI party are of enormous importance. What they will mean for both Chile and for the region as a whole is not entirely clear, but in any case they are undoubtedly significant.  MORE

Latin American Crude Oil Exports

June 2015| Lisa Viscidi and Ramón Espinasa
Facing growing competition for a shrinking US market, Latin American crude oil producers are being forced to seek new export markets. As Asian energy demand continues to grow, crude oil flows from Latin America are increasingly moving east rather than north. However, tapping markets outside of the United States also brings a new set of challenges.  MORE

Michael Shifter profiled for Club de Prensa

June 2015|
Dialogue President Michael Shifter has been a regular commentator in NTN24's Club de Prensa for 3 years. The TV show, which brings together prominent experts to discuss global issues, recently produced a video showcasing some of Shifter's experiences in Latin America.  MORE

Mexico's Midterm Elections

June 3, 2015| Murat Dagli
According to most polls, Mexico’s local and congressional elections are likely to result in a victory for the Partido Revolucionario Institucional (PRI), which currently holds the largest number of seats in congress. What are the key issues and factors that will determine the results of the elections?  MORE

A Conversation with Alicia Bárcena

June 1, 2015| Murat Dagli
Latin America faces critical challenges as it enters the second half of 2015. What is the regional economic outlook for the rest of the year and for 2016, and how will it affect efforts to reduce poverty and inequality? What new policies are needed to sustain progress on the social agenda? MORE

Local Conflicts and Natural Resources

May 2015| Lisa Viscidi and Jason Fargo
Conflicts over energy and natural resources are leading to social turmoil and posing serious challenges for investment projects. To better manage such conflicts, Latin American governments must step up their involvement in the consultation process and communicate more effectively with local communities about potential social, environmental and economic impacts. MORE

Dilma's Challenges and Washington Visit

May 14, 2015| Ben Raderstorf
Although the calls for Rousseff’s impeachment have recently diminished, her approval ratings remain near historic lows and she struggles to maintain governing authority. Meanwhile, despite some encouraging signals, the Brazilian economy will likely remain in recession throughout the year. MORE
Energy in Central America and the Caribbean

May 7, 2015| Lisa Viscidi
High electricity costs are a critical impediment to economic growth and competitiveness in Central America and the Caribbean, but efforts to expand energy integration and increase the use of new energy sources are advancing, according to a panel at the Inter-American Dialogue. MORE

Elections in Argentina

May 12, 2015| Bruno Binetti
Who are the central political actors of the elections, and what do they have to offer in terms of continuity and change? To what extent will a new president signify a change in era? What are some of the factors that will determine the final results? What impact will President Fernández have on the electoral process?. MORE

A Conversation with Yesid Reyes

May 6, 2015| Ben Raderstorf
Appointed Minister of Justice and Law by President Santos in 2014, Reyes has over 30 years of experience as an expert in criminal law. Reyes is the son of the late President of the Supreme Court, Alfonso Reyes Echandía, who was killed during an attack on the Palace of Justice in 1985. MORE

 Perspective from Cuba: What is Changing?

May 5, 2015| Bruno Binetti
The surprise announcement made by  Obama and Castro on December 17th set in motion a number of key changes in relations between Washington and Havana. Most recently, Obama decided to remove Cuba from the list of states that sponsor terrorism, opening the way towards establishing diplomatic relations. MORE