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2012 Highlights


More than 300 dignitaries from across the Americas gathered in Washington on June 7, 2012, to help the Inter-American Dialogue celebrate its 30th anniversary. Hosted in the Hall of the Americas at the Organization of American States, the Gala celebration featured speakers such as President Juan Manuel Santos of Colombia (via video); World Bank President Robert Zoellick; Rep. Xavier Becerra (D-CA); former president of Chile Ricardo Lagos; His Eminence Theodore Cardinal McCarrick; and, as emcee, Ray Suarez of PBS NewsHour. The Dialogue also presented its first ever Award for Civic Engagement to the 4% movement for education reform in the Dominican Republic. MORE




The Sol M. Linowitz Forum is a biennial meeting of the members of the Inter-American Dialogue and other high-level officials from across the hemisphere. The 2012 Forum was the 18th time that the Dialogue’s members have met in plenary session, and the ninth meeting of the Forum, which was inaugurated in 1996. This year’s Forum came at a particularly exciting time, marking the Dialogue’s 30th Anniversary. Following the 30th Anniversary Gala celebration on Friday, June 7, the forum discussions began on Saturday morning, June 8, and continued through the weekend at the Georgetown University Conference Center. The agenda elicited frank exchanges on a range of issues, including: developments in inter-American relations over the last three decades; why Latin America should pay more attention to global trends; the politics of Latin America’s new middle class; criminal violence and regional drug policy; Latin America’s social outlook; the implications of the 2012 US elections for Latin America; the Latin-Americanization of the United States; and Latin America’s energy prospects. MORE