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The Dialogue's most important asset is its membership of 100 outstanding public and private leaders from the United States, Canada, and 22 countries of Latin America and the Caribbean--including political, business, academic, media, and other non-governmental leaders. Sixteen Dialogue members served as presidents of their countries, over three dozen have served at the cabinet level, and seventeen have held seats in congress. Twenty per cent are in the business or finance sectors. Seven members are associated with the media and nine with universities. Dialogue members are an intellectually and politically diverse group, which includes Republicans and Democrats from the United States, and views from across the political spectrum in Canada, Latin America, and the Caribbean. Members are united by their commitment to democratic principles, social equity, regional economic cooperation, and free and vigorous discussion.































José Octavio Bordón
Former Governor of the Mendoza Province
Former Argentine Ambassador to the U.S.

José María Dagnino Pastore
Dean, Catholic University of Argentina
Former Finance and Economy and Labor Minister of Argentina

Alfonso Prat-Gay
President, Fundación Políticas de Gobierno and Founder, Tilton Capital     



Billie Miller
Former Foreign Affairs, Health, Education, and International Business Minister of Barbados   



L. Enrique Garcia (Board of Directors)
President, CAF-Development Bank of Latin America
Former Planning Minister of Bolivia

George Gray Molina
Chief Economist of the Regional Bureau for Latin America and the Caribbean at the United Nations Development Programme

Carlos D. Mesa
Former President of Bolivia

Jorge Quiroga
President, FUNDEMOS
Former President of Bolivia

Gonzalo Sánchez de Lozada (Emeritus)
Former President of Bolivia  



Fernando Henrique Cardoso (Board of Directors Chair Emeritus)
Former President of Brazil

Luiz Fernando Furlan
President, Foundation of Amazon Sustainability
Former President, Administration Council of Sadia, SA

Marcos Jank (Board of Directors)
Vice President of Business Development and Corporate Affairs - Asia, BRF 

Ellen Gracie Northfleet
Former President of the Supreme Court of Brazil

Jacqueline Pitanguy
Executive Director, CEPIA
President, Governing Council of the Brazil Fund for Human Rights

Marina Silva
Former Senator and Environment Minister of Brazil

Roberto Teixeira da Costa
Board Member of BNDESPAR

  Jorge Viana
 Senator, Partido dos Trabalhadores



Joe Clark
Former Prime Minister of Canada

Barbara J. McDougall
Former Chairman, International Development Research Centre
Former Secretary of State of Canada

Pierre Pettigrew (Board of Directors)
Executive Advisor, Deloitte and Touche
Former Foreign Affairs Minister of Canada



Michelle Bachelet (On Leave)
President of Chile
Former Undersecretary General, UN Women

Sergio Bitar
Visiting Senior Fellow, Inter-American Dialogue
Former Public Works, Education, and Mining Minister of Chile

Alejandro Foxley
Former Foreign Affairs and Finance Minister of Chile

Ricardo Lagos (Board of Directors Chair Emeritus)
President, Fundación Democracia y Desarrollo
Former President of Chile

 Hernan Larraín 
 Senator, Unión Democrata Independiente
 Former President of the Senate

  Sebastián Piñera
  President, Fundación Futuro
  Former President of Chile

Andrés Allamand
former Defense Minister of Chile



Fernando Cepeda Ulloa
Professor, University of the Andes
Former UN Permanent Representative of Colombia

Sergio Fajardo
Governor of Antioquía
Former Mayor of Medellin

  Paula Moreno
  Founding President, Manos Visibles
  Former Minister of Culture
  Former Yale World Fellow


Antonio Navarro Wolff
Former Governor of the Narino Department
Former Health Minister of Colombia

Rafael Pardo (On Leave)
Chairman, Liberal Party of Colombia
Former Senator and Defense Minister of Colombia

Marta Lucía Ramírez (Board of Directors)
Former Defense and Foreign Affairs Minister of Colombia

Juan Manuel Santos (On Leave)
President of Colombia



Oscar Arias
Former President of Costa Rica 
Nobel Peace Prize Laureate

Epsy Campbell
Former Representative in the Costa Rican National Assembly

 Laura Chinchilla
 Former President of Costa Rica

Rebeca Grynspan
Secretary General, Ibero-American General Secretariat

Sonia Picado
President, Inter-American Institute of Human Rights



Elena Viyella de Paliza
President, Inter Química

Leonel Fernández
Former President of the Dominican Republic


Roberto Baquerizo
Managing Director of ProVentures
Former Governor of the Central Bank of Ecuador

Yolanda Kakabadse
President of WWF
Former Minister of the Environment of Ecuador

Osvaldo Hurtado (Emeritus)
Former President of Ecuador


Roberto H. Murray Meza
Chairman and CEO, AGRISAL
President, FUNDEMAS

Joaquin Villalobos
Visiting Scholar, St. Antony's College of Oxford University



Salvador Paiz
President and CEO, Teculután Investments
President, FUNSEPA

Eduardo Stein (Board of Directors)
Coordinator, Honduran Truth Commission
Former Vice President of Guatemala



Carl Braun
Chairman and CEO, UNIBANK and Groupe Financier National



Oliver F. Clarke
Chairman, The Gleaner Company
Former President, Inter American Press Association

Earl Jarrett
Executive Director, Jamaica National Building Society


Alicia Bárcena (Board of Directors)
Executive Secretary, UN Economic Commission for Latin America and the Caribbean

Lázaro Cárdenas Batel
Former Governor of the State of Michoacán 

Eugenio Clariond Reyes-Retana
Chairman, Grupo Culprum

Claudio X. González Guajardo
President, Mexicanos Primero
Co-founder and Former President, Televisa Foundation

José Ángel Gurría
Secretary General, OECD
Former Minister of Finance and Minister of Foreign Relations of Mexico

Nora Lustig
Samuel Z. Stone Professor, Tulane University
Non-Resident Senior Fellow, Inter-American Dialogue 

Beatriz Paredes (On Leave)
Former President, Institutional Revolutionary Party of Mexico
Former Governor of the State of Tlaxcala

Andrés Rozental
Non-Resident Senior Fellow, Brookings Institution
Former UN Representative of Mexico

Arturo Sarukhan (Board of Directors)
Former Ambassador of Mexico to the United States

Jesús Silva-Herzog
Former Finance Minister of Mexico
Former Mexican Ambassador to the US and Spain

Ernesto Zedillo (Board of Directors)
Director, Yale University Center for the Study of Globalization
Former President of Mexico



Ernesto Fernández-Holmann
Chairman, Grupo Ayucus
Former Chairman and CEO, Grupo Financiero Uno

Violeta Chamorro (Emeritus)
Former President of Nicaragua



Stanley Motta
Chairman, Copa Holdings, SA
President, Motta Internacional, SA

Martín Torrijos (Board of Directors)
Former President of Panama

Nicolás Ardito-Barletta (Emeritus)
Former President of Panama



Sebastián Acha
Representative in the Congress of Paraguay
Second Vice President of Patria Querida party
Founder of Tierra Nueva



Lourdes Flores Nano
President, San Ignacio de Loyola University
President, Popular Christian Party of Peru and the National Unity Allaince

Diego García-Sayán
Judge, Inter-American Court of Human Rights
Director General, Andean Commission of Jurists

Mario Vargas Llosa
Nobel Prize Laureate in Literature

Javier Pérez de Cuéllar (Emeritus)
Former Secretary General, United Nations



Edwin Carrington (On Leave)
Secretary General, Caribbean Community



Enrique Iglesias (Board of Directors)
former Secretary General, Iberoamerican General Secretariat

Julio María Sanguinetti (Emeritus)
President, PAX Institute
Former President of Uruguay



Jonathan Coles
President, Institute for Advanced Management Studies

Moisés Naím
Senior Associate, Carnegie Endowment for International Peace
Former Executive Director, World Bank

Teodoro Petkoff
President and Editor, Tal Cual
Former Planning Minister of Venezuela

Alberto Vollmer
President, C.A. Ron Santa Teresa




Cresencio Arcos, Washington, DC
Senior Fellow, Center for the Study of the Presidency

  Vilma Martínez, Los Angeles, California
  Former US Ambassador to Argentina

Bernard Aronson, Washington, DC
Managing Partner, Acon Investments
Former Assistant Secretary for Inter-American Affairs, US Department of State

  Theodore McCarrick, Washington, DC
Cardinal Archbishop Emeritus of the Archdiocese of Washington, DC

Michael D. Barnes, Washington, DC
Senior Fellow, Center for International Policy
Former US Representative (D-MD)

John McCarter, Ocatie, SC
Former President and CEO, GE Latin America

Alan Batkin, New York, NY
Former executive, Eton Park Capital Management, Kissinger Associates, and Lehman Brothers. Chair Emeritus, International Rescue Committee

Thomas McLarty, Little Rock, AK (Board of Directors)
Chairman, McLarty Associates
Former White House Chief of Staff

Xavier Becerra, Washington, DC
US Representative (D-CA)

Peter McPherson, Lansing, MI
President, National Association of State Universities and Land Grant Colleges
President Emeritus, Michigan State University

Joyce Chang, New York, NY
Global Head of Emerging Markets and Credit Research, JP Morgan Chase and Co

Doris Meissner, Washington, DC
Senior Fellow, Migration Policy Institute
Former Comissioner, US Immigration and Naturalization Service

Lee Cullum, Dallas, TX
Brian O'Neill, New York, NY (Board of Directors)
Vice-Chair, Lazard International
Former Deputy Assistant Secretary, US Treasury

David de Ferranti, Washington, DC (Board of Directors)
President, Results for Development Institute
Former Vice President, World Bank

  John Porter
  Partner, Hogan Lovells
  former US representative (R-IL)
  Karen DeYoung, Washington, DC
  Senior National Security Correspondent and    
  Associate Editor, The Washington Post
William Reilly, San Francisco, CA
Partner, Aqua International Partners
Former Administrator, US Environmental Protection Agency

Jorge I. Domínguez, Cambridge, MA
Antonio Madero Professor and Vice Provost for International Affairs, Harvard University

Renate Rennie, New York, NY
Chairman and President, Tinker Foundation

Francis Fukuyama, Washington, DC (Board of Directors)
Senior Fellow, Stanford University's Freeman Spogli Institute for International Studies

Bill Richardson, Santa Fe, NM
US Special Envoy to the Organization of American States
Former Governor of New Mexico

Bob Graham, Miami Lakes, FL
Former US Senator (D-FL)
Former Governor of Florida

Linda Rottenberg, New York, NY
CEO and Co-founder, Endeavor

Richard Haass, New York, NY
President, Council on Foreign Relations
Former Director of Policy Planning, US Department of State
  Carlos A. Saladrigas, Miami, FL
  Chairman and CEO, Regis HR Group
  Chairman, Cuba Study Group

Lee Hamilton, Nashville, IN
Director, Indiana University's Center on Congress
Former Director, Woodrow Wilson International Center for Scholars
Brent Scowcroft, Washington, DC
Founder and President, Forum for International Policy
Former US National Security Advisor

Carla A. Hills, Washington, DC (Board of Directors)
Chair and CEO, Hills and Company
Former US Trade Representative

Timothy R. Scully, Notre Dame, IN
Director, Institute for Educational Initiatives
Professor, University of Notre Dame

Donna J. Hrinak, Purchase, NY
President, Boeing Brazil
Former US Ambassador

Donna Shalala, Miami, FL
President, University of Miami
Former US Secretary of Health and Human Services

William Hybl, Colorado Springs, CO
Chairman and CEO, El Pomar Foundation
Vice Chairman, International Foundation for Electoral Systems

Paula Stern, Washington, DC
Chairwoman, The Stern Group, Inc
Former Commissioner and Chairwoman, US International Trade Commission

Alberto Ibarguen, Miami, FL
President and CEO, John S. and James L. Knight Foundation
Former Chairman, The Miami Herald Publishing Co

Robert Zoellick, Washington, DC
Senior Fellow, Belfer Center for Science and International Affairs, Harvard University
Former President, World Bank
Former US Trade Representative

Jessie J. Knight, Jr. (Board of Directors)
Executive Vice President of External Affairs, Sempra Energy

Jimmy Carter, Atlanta, GA (Emeritus)
Former US President

Jim Kolbe, Tucson, AZ (Board of Directors)
Senior Transatlantic Fellow, German Marshall Fund
Former US Representative (R-AZ)

Julián Castro, Washington, DC (On Leave)
U.S. Secretary of Housing and Urban Development

Abraham F. Lowenthal, Los Angeles, CA
Professor, University of Southern California
President Emeritus, Pacific Council on International Policy
Stanley Fischer (On Leave)
Former Governor, Bank of Israel and
Former Chief Economist, World Bank

Mónica Lozano, Los Angeles, CA
CEO, ImpreMedia, LLC
Former CEO, La Opinión

Richard W. Fisher, Dallas, TX (On Leave)
President and CEO, Federal Reserve Bank of Dallas 
Former Deputy US Trade Representative

Thomas J. Mackell, New York, NY (Board of Directors)
Chairman, United Benefits and Pension Services
President, Association of Benefit Administrator