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CHINA-LATIN AMERICA: Over the past decade, China has become an increasingly important source of investment for developing countries. China’s investment in the Caribbean, however, is still minimal, especially when excluding sizeable flows to the Cayman Islands and British Virgin Islands. MORE

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US-CARIBBEAN SECURITY COOPERATION: A stable Caribbean is critical to the national interests of the United States. Michael Shifter testified before Congress on the Caribbean Basin Security Initiative. MORE


The Dialogue’s Caribbean Region Program focuses on Cuba, Haiti, and the Anglophone Caribbean.

The Dialogue’s work on Cuba aims to establish connections between Cuba’s economic community and international financial institutions. The Working Group on the Cuban Economy regularly brings together some 25 experts from the region to discuss Cuba’s prospects for increased integration with the IFIs. The Dialogue project on Cuba and the Organization of American States facilitated a thorough review of US policy towards Cuba under the Obama administration and Latin America’s stance toward Cuba during the same period.

The Dialogue has long sustained an active program on Haiti including publications and discussions on political and economic developments and US policy. Our recent work on Haiti has focused on engaging with the private sector.

The Caribbean Program also offers a forum for leaders from the Anglophone Caribbean to bring important policy attention to the issues of concern to that region.


Michael Shifter, President
Peter Hakim, President Emeritus
Joan Caivano, Deputy to the President
Paul Shortell, Program Assistant

For more information, contact Paul Shortell at or (202) 463-2933.



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