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More than 52,000 unaccompanied minors have crossed the border this year, twice as many as in 2013. The influx of minors from Central America and Mexico has become a pressing issue for the administration, as President Obama is seeking substantial funding to deal with the crisis. At the same time, Congress is debating  the best approach to take, with some leaders pushing for more action from Central America and Mexico and others branding it a humanitarian crisis.

Read what experts have to say in the Dialogue’s Latin America Advisor here.

Michael Shifter testified on Wednesday, June 16th before the Senate Committee on Homeland Security. That afternoon, the Dialogue hosted a discussion on unaccompanied minors and US policy. Rubén Zamora, former Ambassador to the US, and Doris Meissner, founder of the Migration Policy Institute, will offer commentary.

The Dialogue’s Manuel Orozco provides a detailed analysis of the situation here.
Peter Hakim offers his opinion here.

Joaquín Villalobos comments on the situation here.

MIGRATION AND DEVELOPMENT: Migrants abroad have been a strong source of economic growth for nearly every country in the region. Public officials, however, have been largely unable to develop policies that effectively leverage the economic activities of migrants and harness their full economic potential. MORE


The Dialogue’s work on the Central America region examines developments in Costa Rica, El Salvador, Guatemala, Honduras, and Nicaragua, as well as Mexico, with a focus on democratic governance, security, immigration, drug policy, remittances, education reform, energy integration, press freedom, and trade capacity building. The Dialogue’s Central American Working Group is designed to produce fresh, balanced analyses of the region’s most pressing challenges along with practical proposals to address them, and to keep Washington informed. The group includes a diverse mix of some 30 policy analysts, political and labor leaders, economists, and NGO and business executives.

A new Dialogue initiative on security and migration in Central America and Mexico is developing a joint program with leading research centers in the region on two of the most important challenges their countries now face: (1) the threats posed by escalating crime and violence, and (2) the failure of governments to address the political, social, and security problems emerging from continued illegal migration flows to the United States.


Michael Shifter, President
Peter Hakim, President Emeritus
Manuel Orozco, Senior Fellow
Joan Caivano, Deputy to the President/Director Special Projects
Caitlin Reilly, Program Assistant

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