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The Constructing Democratic Governance book series, coordinated by Michael Shifter at the Dialogue and Jorge Dominguez at Harvard University, is concerned with democratic institutions and practice in the hemisphere. Three volumes have been published by Johns Hopkins University Press and a fourth is forthcoming. These volumes undertake a systematic and wide-ranging examination of the state of democratic governance in Latin America. The book includes country chapters as well as a careful review of a number of salient thematic questions. In preparation of the chapters and coinciding with the release date, the Dialogue gathers the authors of the volumes and experts on democracy to present and critique the book's chapters as well as to discuss the pressing issues in governance to a broad audience. MORE


The Dialogue, in cooperation with the Organization of American States, conducted a series of well-prepared, two-day national workshops with approximatley thirty well-known political analysts whose views carry weight with politicians, policymakers, the private sector, the media, and citizens interested in politics.  Workshops were held in Chile, Colombia, Dominican Republic, and Guatemala. Participants discussed the condition of democratic governance in their country and developed concrete benchmarks by which to measure their  country's democratic development. Each workshop was followed by a report on the country prepared by one of the participants. The findings and recommendations of the country report are used to promote broader public exchanges on democratic governance and consolidation. MORE


The Dialogue, International IDEA, and the Organization of American States (OAS) have convened a working group designed to analyze democracy in Latin America with a focus on two themes: the current state of the rule of law in Latin American democracies, and the OAS Democratic Charter as an instrument for defending democracy. The group has met twice in Washington, in January and in May 2010, for discussions led by OAS secretary general José Miguel Insulza, Dialogue senior fellow Genaro Arriagada, and IDEA regional director for Latin America, Daniel Zovatto. MORE