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US Policy Shift on Cuba: Three-Month Assessment

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US Policy Shift on Cuba: Three-Month Assessment


Devry Boughner Vorwerk
Vice President, Corporate Affairs

Jonathan Epstein
Holland & Knight

Phil Peters
Cuba Research Center

Discussion on the prospects for Cuba-US relations.

Nearly three months have passed since the Obama Administration announced its historic changes on Cuba policy.  Have the changes proceeded as expected?  What have been the most important steps to date of greater opening and engagement?  How have Cuban government officials responded so far to the announced policy shift?  To what extent do political and legal questions stand in the way of policy implementation?  What should we be looking for in the coming months?

We are delighted that three excellent speakers have agreed to help address these and other questions: Devry Boughner Vorwerk is Vice President, Corporate Affairs at Cargill; Phil Peters is President of the Cuba Research Center in Alexandria, Virginia; and Jonathan Epstein is a Partner in Holland & Knight's Washington office, where he focuses on trade law.

Best regards,

Michael Shifter
Erik Brand
Director, Corporate Program and 

Publisher, Latin America Advisor


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