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Photo Credit: George Bush Presidential Library and Museum

NAFTA 20 YEARS LATER: In the 20 years since it entered into force, the North American Free Trade Agreement has been both lauded and attacked in the United States. What has the trade agreement achieved? Dialogue co-chair and former U.S. Trade Representative Carla A. Hills (pictured above center) writes in Foreign Affairs. Dialogue co-vice chair Thomas F. "Mack" McLarty writes in the Wall Street Journal. The Dialogue's Latin America Advisor asks experts, "What are the best options for modernizing NAFTA?" In December, the Dialogue hosted a dinner celebrating 20 years of NAFTA and advances in Mexico-US relations.


The Dialogue's work on Mexico seeks to build a deeper understanding of the country's most pressing issues and its evolving role in the hemisphere. Central issues include economic development, the threat of organized crime and insecurity, migration, remittances, trade relations, energy, and democratic stability. The Dialogue recognizes Mexico's unique relationship with the United States and particularly emphasizes projects that will promote sustained and balanced cooperation between the two countries. 


Michael Shifter, President
Peter Hakim
, President Emeritus
Manuel Orozco, Senior Fellow
Murat Dagli, Program Assistant

For more information please contact Murat Dagli at or (202) 463-2574.


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