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2012 Annual Report: Setting the Stage for the Next 30 Years

By Inter-American Dialogue
July 11, 2013

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Dear Friends,

In presenting the Inter-American Dialogue’s 30th anniversary year Annual Report for 2012, I am reminded of 1982, when I had the opportunity and privilege to be at the conference that launched the Dialogue. What was then a conference has become the centerpiece of a well-established institution focused on hemispheric affairs whose fundamental mission and vision endure.

The purpose was, and remains today, to bring together people from varied perspectives to discuss shared concerns, probe differences, and seek common ground in pursuit of cooperative approaches and constructive solutions to problems. The Dialogue’s most treasured asset continues to be its distinguished members.

We close 2012 with a sense of strength, recognizing that this is a moment of transition for the Dialogue, as it is for the Americas. We are encouraged that the prospect for rebuilding constructive relations is still better in Latin America than in almost any other region of the world. As the Dialogue looks forward, we must focus on how to make our efforts stronger and more effective within the changing global environment.

Those of us engaged in the Dialogue’s work every day are inspired to be part of an independent forum devoted to fostering openness and dialogue based on mutual trust. We are mindful of our rich history and appreciate the enormous debt we owe to the individuals who conceived and shaped the organization, and helped give it the credibility it enjoys today.In equal measure, we appreciate the enormous contributions of the many individuals who share our priorities and work with us to accomplish our goals.

In particular, the Dialogue wishes to thank our Board of Directors, our Members, and the many friends who contribute to our work. As we look to a vibrant and meaningful future for the Dialogue and the Americas, we reach out to you for your continued engagement, participation, and your loyal support.

With best wishes,

Michael Shifter


Dear Friends,

It is with great pleasure that we present the 2012 Annual Report of the Inter-American Dialogue that commemorates its historic 30th Anniversary year. We are proud to be a part of the Dialogue’s high quality and influential work. We believe you will agree that the Dialogue has built a valuable institution over the last three decades. The past year’s programmatic accomplishments attest to the stellar work of the Dialogue’s staff and fellows, and to the rich contributions of its Members, the organization’s most cherished asset. We anticipate many productive years to come as the Dialogue launches its ambitious plans for the future.

The Inter-American Dialogue’s mission is to bring together public and private leaders from across the Americas to build cooperation among Western Hemisphere nations and to advance a regional agenda of democratic governance, social equity, and economic growth.

The Inter-American Dialogue’s 30th Anniversary Gala, the 2012 Sol M. Linowitz Forum, and its broad range of 30th year activities illustrate the spirit of excellence and commitment with which the Dialogue implements its mission. We express our heartfelt appreciation for the generous support the Dialogue received that enabled it to make its 30th year activities possible. Implementing the Dialogue’s mission is only possible with the contributions of many individuals, corporations, foundations, international
institutions, and governments. We thank each of our supporters for recognizing the importance of our mission in hemispheric affairs.

Inter-American relations will face challenges in the years ahead—along with opportunities for further progress. Your continued support and engagement are critical to the Dialogue’s ability to seize the opportunities to make a difference. We hope we can count on your support to ensure that the Dialogue can continue to carry out its mission, which has never been more important.

With our best regards,

Michelle Bachelet and Carla Hills