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Program Support

Dialogue programs rely largely on grant funding, but private donations to specific programs are welcome. With a gift of $500 or more, a donor may participate in program-specific conference calls, receive priority seating at program-related events, and will be invited to a private working lunch with the program director on a preferred topic.

Make a donation to one of the programs listed below or opt to give a general gift to meet the Dialogue's greatest need. 

Education - $ Enter amount

Since its founding in 1995, the Partnership for Educational Revitalization in the Americas (PREAL) has become the strongest private voice on education in Latin America. PREAL strives to improve the quality and equity of education in the region by promoting informed debate on policy alternatives and monitoring progress toward improvement. MORE

China and Latin America - $ Enter amount

The Dialogue’s China and Latin America program serves as a resource for developing a better understanding of China’s evolving agenda in Latin America and how Chinese policies and actions are likely to affect the region and US interests. It seeks to identify ways that these relationships can be made more productive for all countries involved. Through panels, working group meetings, and publications, the program engages and informs academics, policy makers, and private sector leaders from China, Latin America, and the United States on evolving themes in China-Latin America relations. MORE

Commitment to Equity - $ Enter amount

Commitment to Equity (CEQ), a joint project of the Dialogue and the Center for Inter-American Policy and Research at Tulane University, seeks to analyze the impact of taxation and social spending on inequality and poverty across Latin American Countries, and to provide a roadmap for governments, multilateral institutions, and nongovernmental organizations in their efforts to build more equitable societies. MORE

Democratic Governance - $ Enter amount

The promotion and advancement of democracy across the region has been a key priority of the Dialogue since its founding. For over thirty years, the Dialogue has worked with policy analysts and practitioners, business leaders, and civil society representatives to advance an agenda of democratic governance and to enhance representation, access to information, and public participation across the hemisphere. MORE

Energy - $ Enter amount

The development of dependable, sustainable, and accessible energy supplies is critical to the region’s continued growth. The Dialogue’s energy program highlights the unique opportunities and challenges facing Latin American countries as they explore new ways to better leverage their domestic energy endowments. Activities are directed to informing and shaping national and regional policy debates on energy challenges confronting the region, improving the quality of attention to those challenges, and encouraging multilateral cooperation to address them. MORE

Remittances, Migration, and Development - $ Enter amount

The Dialogue’s remittances and development program seeks to help countries better leverage migrants and remittances for development. The program analyzes and assesses policies governing the flow of remittances, private sector financial and remittance services, and financial access for migrants and remittance recipient families. Through research, technical assistance, product development, and project implementation, the program has raised awareness and forged partnerships among public and private institutions across the hemisphere. MORE

Security - $ Enter amount

The Dialogue's work on security seeks to improve policymakers' understanding of the causes and consequences of crime and violence, especially the threat they pose for democratic governance and citizen security. The Dialogue works closely with US and regional analysts, policymakers, and journalists to examine security trends in the region and to assess the impact of existing policies. Its research and meetings have played a role in the development of more effective collaborative approaches to the region’s most pressing security challenges.  MORE  

Dialogue’s greatest need - $ Enter amount

To support particular activities not listed or for more information, please contact Yesenia Rivas at or 202.463.2573.