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Sub-Regional Dialogue on Citizen Security Policy

Governors, policy makers, and analysts gathered in Porto Alegre, Brazil on November 18 and 19 to participate in the Sub-Regional Dialogue on Citizen Security Policy, a two-day meeting convened by the Inter-American Development Bank, in collaboration with the Inter-American Dialogue, to discuss and examine the efforts of sub-national actors against crime and violence in Latin America. MORE


The Dialogue’s work on security examines trends of crime and violence throughout Latin America and promotes exchange between US and regional analysts, policymakers, journalists, and business leaders on how to address this growing challenge. Our security work involves two main projects:

The Dialogue's initiative on security and migration in Central America and Mexico is developing a joint program with leading research centers in the region on two of the most important challenges their countries now face: (1) the threats posed by escalating crime and violence, and (2) the failure of governments to address the political, social, and security problems emerging from continued illegal migration flows to the United States.

The Dialogues collaborative partnership with the Inter-American Development Bank on security issues.


Michael Shifter, President
Peter Hakim, President Emeritus
Manuel Orozco, Senior Fellow
Joan Caivano, Deputy to the President/Director Special Projects
Caitlin Reilly, Program Assistant

For more information, please contact Caitlin Reilly at



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